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Giloy Tulsi Juice

Giloy Tulsi Juice
Giloy Tulsi Juice
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Product Description

Giloy Tulsi Juice

Giloy or scientifically Tinospora Cordifolia is woody climber plant which is well known for its multi benefits. In Ayurveda literature, it is described as Amrita because of its innumerable medicinal properties. To serve all the medicinal properties of this wonderful herb, the Unati has brought the Giloy Juice which is extracted from naturally growing fresh Giloy Plant. The Giloy plant used for extraction is scientifically harvested from foot Hills of Himalayas. Tulsi or Occimum sanctum is also well known immunity booster. So to enhance the effectiveness of Unati Giloy Juice it is enriched with whole plant water extract of Tulsi. As per Ayurveda Giloy along with Tulsi is used for the preparation of ‘Rasayanas’ a rejuvenation preparation. Giloy Tulsi effectively enhances immunity to fight against numerous Infections.

Benefits :

  • Arthritis : The regular use of Tulsi Juice with equal quantity of Unati Aloe vera Juice in one glass of warm water empty stomach in the morning is effective remedy for all joint pains in the body.
  • High Uric acid : For high uric acid conditions, 30 ml Tulsi Juice empty stomach in the morning with Glass of warm water helps in controlling Uric acid level. The active Bitter compounds of Giloy juice help in metabolism of proteins in the body.
  • Dengue : In Dengue conditions, the immunity boosting properties of Unati Giloy juice with Tulsi proves helpful in increasing the blood platelet count. For dengue 5-6 teaspoons of juice with warm water thrice a day until the condition improves is useful. Adding 2 teaspoons of fresh papaya leaves juice also make it more effective. Further adding one teaspoon of honey helps in making its taste more palatable.
  • Swine Flue : The active compounds of Giloy and Tulsi helps in increasing immunity of body by activating phagocytes and secretion of certain cytokines in blood. In Swine flu condition regular consumptions of 5-6 teaspoons of juice with warm water thrice a day till the condition improves is useful.
  • Fever : 30 Ml of Unati Giloy juice with glass of warm water is wonderful remedy for fevers like Typhoid, Maleria etc.
  • Head ache : Tulsi Juice is considered to be a good remedy of headaches (along with triphala churna) caused due to dosha imbalance. Tulsi Juice is considered to be clearing some nervous toxins which in turn help in brain function, which might be helping in management of headaches too.
  • Skin Problems : Tulsi Juice taken with neem , haldi and amla is effective in treatment of skin affections.the most annoying types of eczema , lichens planus and other infections can be treated with this the juice is considered a good blood purifier and hence useful in skin affections.
  • Piles : Tulsi Juice with buttermilk is beneficial in treatment of piles and fissures.Other dietary restrictions should be followed alongside.
  • Excess Menstrual Bleeding : Taking 30 ml Tulsi Juice with glass of water in excessive menstrual bleeding twice a day proves very helpful.
Nutritional Facts per 100 Ml Juice :
  • Carbohydrate : 3. 2 %
  • Energy : 36 Kcal
  • Protein :1 %
  • Fats : 2.1 %
Available in : 500 Ml Pack